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These two boys just turned 18 years and discovered the pleasures of gaysex for the first time. They start to masturbate tentatively and will move to something more serious. The beautiful brown fuckd his friend gently and then hardly to make him jerk off. Look at his controded face in pain for the first time. More photos and videos
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MarryD (2/3/2017 10:01:06 AM )
jetzt für den behntsreveoden winter- und skiurlaub würde ich pea pod mitnehmen. man ist gut gewärmt und sieht trotzdem schick aus eine richtige bench.
eRXOsSeHtom7 (1/2/2017 3:02:34 AM )
ChaseSweetheart, when you constantly use words like fcepdgauking and assume that anyone hooking up is spreading STDs, what *should* we think about you, Jeff? It's a blanket statement on an entire community, one you and your partner are a part of. (Before you say you're not, I'll clarify it for you the GAY community, Jeff. Unless you're actually straight and merely trolling for controversy, in which case I'll introduce you to some producers here in L.A. who'd give you a run for your money.)You don't like being called homophobic; that's obvious. I dislike accusing another gay person of such a thing, but all I'm seeing from your comments is hate. Again, what *should* we think about you, when you express such disdain and nastiness? Nobody is perfect and I will acknowledge that there are people out there gay, bi, straight and whatever else who are fouling the collective waters with dangerous activities. But*all* of them, Jeff. You know that as well as I do. You just don't want to admit to it, lest your causticness be blunted.There is nothing wrong with anal sex. You don't like it? Fine; that isn't what defines our community, but for some, it's part of what they enjoy. Why do you feel the need to look down on others who do that? Why do you look down on people who may express themselves more sexually than in other ways? I fully acknowledge there is a problem with HIV transmission, but I also think it's ridiculous for you to make sweeping comments about how HIV and AIDS would be eradicated if everyone stopped fucking each other up the ass. Come on, Jeff it's more than that and you know that, too. It's intravenous drug use. It's infected men and women in Africa who bring children into this world who already have the disease in vitro. It's people in governments who look the other way when health organizations ask to bring in doctors and medicines to treat those people and let this continue.Stop drawing such a wide net around the community and painting everyone other than you as the cause of all this. Other than your 14 years with your partner, what have you done to help curb this, in action or intent? Volunteered? Donated? My sarcasm aside, I'm genuinely interested.
VALDCXCEKSmI (11/22/2014 2:31:35 AM )
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dream-luv4u (7/31/2013 3:40:11 PM )
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dream-luv4u (7/31/2013 3:38:35 PM )
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